Charlie Hutchinson / Founder / Photographer

Shooting homes is a passion of mine - mainly because the homes don't move or talk back if they don't like the way they look.

Getting the right angle of a home, or being able to manually capture the right amount of light for a small space, or large room is a true task and something we take pride in. 

Fun Fact: Although you may think because I wear flannel shirts I can grow facial hair - I can't. So don't talk to me about your 5 o'clock shadow, I'm not interested. 

Alec Grefe / Photographer

Striving for quality and speed, Alec does his best to make everyone happy. Unafraid, he embraces challenging homes, shooting through the clutter with zeal and daring. He doesn't mind tidy homes, either.

Fun Fact: There are no fun facts about Alec.